As one of the world's four major running shoes brand, Asics recently encountered bottlenecks, this brand in the professional runners circle seems to welcome young people welcome the global performance in the past two years has also declined.

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"Our brand has to do something different from what it used to be," said Gene McCarthy, CEO of Asics.


To this end, recently, the Japanese movement veteran has twice won the Grammy nominated king class DJ "tide" Steve Aoki, became the brand's first non-athlete spokesperson. This is not a simple advertising planning, Asics's intention is to "Chao Ye" fame to tell people that this professional sports products known for sports brand is not only running shoes. They want to break through the scope of running shoes Asics Outlet UK, expanding consumer base, in order to further open the world's largest US sports shoes market.

Founded in 1949, the Japanese brand Asics, has been with New Balance, Saucony and Brooks and known as the world's four major running shoes brand. Asics in this sub-field deep plowing for many years, even if its sports shoes asics shop uk style is not much, but by virtue of a strong professional cushioning and support technology, Asics running shoes in the professional running lap favored. Jean McCarthy mentioned that last year's New York Marathon, about 30% of the runners wearing the brand shoes to play.

However, despite As one of the world's four major running shoes brand, Asics recently encountered some bottlenecks. The reputation of the professional runners circle brand, not subject to young people's recognition and welcome - US investment company Piper Jaffray latest semi-annual report shows that only 2% of high-income families and 1% of middle-income families of young people That has a good impression on Asics.

"The growth of running products remained stable, but the number of Happy Valley was shrinking slightly," said Jean McCarthy, Business Insider. Obviously, the reduction in the number of runners, for running shoes asics outlet uk online products accounted for more than 60% of total sales of Asics is not good news.

At the same time, over the past two years, Asics overall performance is not good. Results show that the company's annual sales in 2016 fell 6.9% year on year to 399.1 billion yen, while in the first half of 2017 sales fell 3.3 percent to 203.7 billion yen. Asics predicts that profits for the 2017 fiscal year will be 16% lower than in 2016.

Among them, the global share of the 1/3 share of the US sports consumer market, almost the fastest decline in the Japanese brand performance area last year, annual sales fell 17% in the first half fell 6%. As the United States is the brand after Japan's largest local area, this market performance is undoubtedly so Asics worry.

Breaking the field of running shoes and revitalize the US market has become the responsibility of Jean McCarthy, in fact, this is a field of footwear in the field of experience for many years veterans, including Nike's 20 years of experience, two years Former Jean McCarthy was appointed head of the US market.

In addition to opening stores in New York fashion district, the signing of the United States electronic king Steve Aoki become another practice of Asics. The Japanese musician, the Japanese fashion industry, helps the brand open the audience circle, to meet the young people's taste. In addition, Steve Aoki loves fitness and collection of sports shoes and sports brands fit, the Asian face also makes its influence is not limited to the US region.

It is worth noting that Steve Aoki is not only an ordinary endorsement star, the future, he will participate in the design of Asics retro series of products to help the brand launch joint design section - this is an old idea, Adidas and American rapper Kanye West, PUMA and popular days Rihanna, the combination of the two star designers has long been converted into real sales.

"The brand is trying to establish emotional contact with new consumers," said Jean McCarthy. He added that it is now an "interesting" opportunity to expand consumer segments and improve US market performance, as industry leader Nike is experiencing a decline in sales, while Under Armor's footwear sales are stagnant.

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